Though JAI RADHE SALES came into being only in October 1999 only, its experience and expertise in export business, span to two decades, as that day it just inherited the export business of its parent company RADHA DYE CHEM (Prop.Vallabh Dye Chem Pvt.Ltd.) established in 1984 Manufacturer & Exporter of REACTIVE TEXTILE DYES, having Colour.Index.Book listing since the year 1987.

Since inception JAI RADHE SALES hold BULK DRUGS LICENCE from FDA of Gujarat state and is registered as MERCHANT EXPORTER with CHEMEXCIL (Basic Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics Export Promotion Council) Bombay, Pharnexcil (Pharmaceutical Export Promotion Council) Hyderabad besides having membership of Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and other organizations engaged in BULK DRUGS export promotion.

With A Positive Vision, focused approach, innovative ideas and team work, we have made an active presence in the international market for our API export Business. We are now one of the leading international Sales Marketing Company In India. Our Business is growing every Year & we give full credit to our valued overseas buyers, Principals besides our most professionally working export team, supported with the most modern communication systems.

We Being Part Of The Service Industry Believe In Total Transparency In Business.

It all started 2 decades ago when some enterprising youngsters, hereditarily belonging to a priesthood family of Ahmedabad, set out to try their hands in Business too.Started their own Dyes Manufacturing unit in the Industrial belt and in just 5 years, converted it as an almost 100% Export oriented small scale unit.Our group has flourished over the years and branched out activities to all fronts-manufacturing,marketing,export and so on - Group now consists of

RADHA DYE CHEM (Prop. Vallabh Dye Chem Pvt. Ltd.)
100% export oriented Textile Dyes manufacturing Unit

engaged as real estate brokers & developers

A 21 roomed hotel, with facilities equivalent to three star status, in the heart of Ahmedabad City

Group is now a force to reckon with in Export,Manufacturing and various other activities.

Market Covered......»        

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